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Biggest childbirths in history

The birth of twins four or more per one childbirth is quite rare. But there are most phenomenal cases in life - the birth of six, seven, eight newborns. Hard to believe, but such cases are known. What is the highest number of children born at once?

Officially confirmed by the world record belongs to twins 33-year-old American woman Nadya Suleman. January 26, 2009 in California hospital in Bellflower she gave birth to a six boys and two girls weighing between 820 grams to one and a half pounds. All of them took a long postnatal therapy, but they survived. In order to get pregnant doctor implanted six embryos to Nadya Suleman, two of which later split, which led to the birth of eight children. The babies were only the second set of octuplets in the United States to be born alive.

Since the birth of the babies, which made news headline across the globe, Nadya has become a personality, appearing on various chat shows and in magazine interviews talking about her controversial family.

Previous case of the birth of eight twins were registered in the USA in 1998. A woman gave birth to eight children at a hospital in the American city of Houston. Then, six girls and two boys appeared in a 27-year-old Nkem Chukvu - wife of an immigrant from Nigeria. But it survived, not all of them - one child died a week later.

Even the media reported the birth of ten children, but all of this information is extremely unreliable. The largest number of births during one childbirth was allegedly recorded in Brazil April 22, 1946 (2 boys and 8 girls), but it is unknown whether anyone survived from the children, as well as the whereabouts of two other women with ten newborns (in Spain 1924, and in China in 1936).

Eleven children at once - that's the largest number of twins, the details are unoffisially known of modern gynecology. The first birth of 11 twins was May 29, 1971, in the U.S. city of Philadelphia. The second - in 1977 in Bangladesh, the city Bagerhat.

And yet another case, which should be mentioned. It will be about the most prolific pregnancy. Dr. Jennaro Montanino, who lives in Rome, describes the case when it was an operation to remove fifteen embryos from womb of the female, five boys and ten girls. Gestational age at the time of surgery was four months. The reason for this fertility, according to the doctor, was the use of fertility pills, which was treated with a 35-year-old woman.

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