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Dating Tips from AFHV

0:00 ?Welcome to AFVís Weekly Funny, I am Brad Gage, your love guru. By saying that, I assure
0:25 that this episode is not at all associated with the Mike Myers film ďThe Love GuruĒ.
0:36 I donít even have a funny quote for you because I did not see it. I know you wouldnít
0:43 think AFV had advice in this department, but over the years, weíve learned a thing or
1:02 two about what can go wrong. Yeah, thatís dating tip number one donít
1:13 try to impress women with your dance abilities. The odds are against you.
1:19 Rule number two. On Valentineís Day, you donít want to go overboard.
1:31 Itís okay to practice kissing, just donít get too attached to your new lawn jockey boyfriend.
1:39 He doesnít have any money anyways. Hey, just because you bring a girl flowers
1:51 and chocolates doesnít mean you can start running the bases.
1:52 Same goes to you girls. No means no okay? Rule number six never reveal how much of a

1:56 mommaís boy you are, especially on an incriminating video tape.
2:05 Something like that could make for a lot of quiet journaling nights instead of having
2:15 actual girlfriends in high school. Confidence is key. And you can never start
2:26 too early.?(628690 Baby boy pulls out girlís pacifier and kisses her)
2:38 This final video provides two dating tips- women donít like being picked up, and dreadlocks
2:48 donít look good on most people, which probably includes you.
2:51 In honor of Valentineís Day this week, I thought Iíd show you a little love.
2:57 Upload your funny videos to now to enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win
3:22 a magical Disney vacation. When you think about it...pretty good deal.
3:28 If you like me, hit the like button, comment and subscribe to the AFV YouTube page. I think
3:38 Iím worth it. At least this next clip is. Itís a guy who gets a little bit grabby
3:43 hands with grandma, and won $10,000 because of it.

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