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Fancy declarations of love

Once at the house of a lady from a Sao Paulo (Brazil) had fallen 100 kilograms of roses. In love with a man she dumped the flowers from a helicopter. Think of it - 100 kilograms of roses! How much money needed for such an expensive event? The answer: very, very much. Such funds was not a man, so he had to take two burglary...

One young man, who lived in the city of Casablanca (Marocco), fell in love with tourist from Rome. A charming Italian resort after a short novel has returned to her native city Rome. And the guy so much bored without his beloved that he decided to go after her, in the Eternal City. By walking! Apparently love was so poor that the money for a plane ticket he was not. In total, he walked 2700 miles, first on the beach came to Tangier, crossed Gibraltar, Spain, crossed the Pyrenees, wrapped in the city of his childhood - Lyon and soon found himself in Rome. Along the way a guy wear out seven pairs of shoes! Yes, just like in a fairy tale. And like a fairy tale, the story ended well: a young man and his girlfriend were living together in Rome. We hope that happily ever after.

In England, an usual employee has spent almost all his savings out of his love to every two minutes during four hours of announcing news on the electronic scoreboard, which is located on the main street of London - Piccadilly Circus. Perhaps the inscriptions on the placards now hard to surprise anyone. But anyway, this is very nice.

In the USA., an artist in love 245 days in a row came to the house of her choice and she has planted flowers in the yard. Finally, one morning the young man looked out the window and saw a bed on which the flowers were "painted" a portrait of him. Alas, history did not end very well: the guy married to another.

And finally, tell the story of a declaration of love, which occurred in Australia. Once home residents in Adelaide called the emergency service with complaints that the apartment, which is one floor above, the water flows. When rescuers arrived and opened the "leaking apartment," they found in a pool of two rooms. In the water floated hundreds of colorful fish, and adorned at the bottom of the inscription, made from seaweed, "I love you." Such a gift for the arrival of his wife to the resort decided to make love with my husband. However, when she returned, the apartment was on long-term maintenance - pool had sprung a leak.

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