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Interesting facts about coming of age

Different cultures have different ways of celebrating the event of coming of age. In most cases, the ceremony include familiarity with the history and customs of society, part of which teenager is.

In many ancient cultures, the physical maturity of the notes of initiation ceremonies - training of hunting, swimming and dealing with the various tests - express the personal courage and sexy teenage boy (and sometimes girls). This is a wonderful opportunity to turn maturation of the frequent conflicts and disputes in a cause for celebration and ceremony, allows the whole family to feel the joy and pride in the changes occurring in the life of a teenager.

In determining the age of majority is most often featured figures 18 and 21.

In different cultures, adolescence and early adulthood are understand their own way. World Health Organization considers the coming of age about 10-20 years older. In India, a "youth policy" include people to 35 years old. In the U.S., to the young are those who are between 13 and 24. According to some classifications, there are "early adolescence" - 10-14 years old, and "later adolescence " - 15-19.

In Australia and New Zealand is a party, "Twenty One", which was celebrated with friends and family on the 21th birthday. However, the tradition dies, as the law came into force on which adulthood begins at age 18.

According to Jewish tradition, boys are considered adults at 13, after a special ceremony of Bar Mitzvah: it is usually done in the immediate after the 13th birthday Saturday. There is a ritual for girls, Bat Mitzvah, which is carried out for a year before, when she turns 12. However, this ceremony is not so common.

In Spain, "Quinceanera" - 15th birthday - a big celebration for the girls. Otherwise it is called a "candle lighting ceremony".

Since 1948 in Japan celebrated the Day "seijin shiki" - the second Monday of January for those who this year turns 20. This is a national holiday, which met in the national costumes. With 20 years of the right to drink, smoke and vote guaranteed. In the past, like a samurai ritual was known as "Genpuku". Young Samurai changed its child name to the adult one and got his first sword.

The African peoples have a tradition according to which children reach a certain age, pass an initiation - the tests, after which become full members of their tribe. Birthdays celebrate Africans generally rare. For example, in some tribes - once in 8 years, and in one tribe even one time in 13 years.

In the United States, Mexico and in Canada, when a child reaches the age of 16 he or she is allowed to drive and sometimes receives the responsibility of owning their own car. Girls' 16'Th Birthdays are traditionally called Sweet Sixteens. Boys usually receive a huge party for their 18'Th birthday.

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