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Famous rulers of large families

The more sons and daughters of the ruler of state - then bigger chance to live in people's memory forever. The following five high-ranking rulers bother to be noted in the World History is not only their personal professional qualities, but also the male force. These "fathers of nations" - this is it!

1. Genghis Khan

Temujin, more widely known as the Genghis Khan of the Mongols was the greatest of all time - a brilliant leader and military commander, seized in the 13th century almost half of Asia, from Siberia to Kashmir, from the Caspian Sea to Korea. Very cruel and very strong men psychologist. His genetic material the Great Khan evenly distributes of the conquered territory. To his four sons, the official should be added to either 700 or one thousand out-of -wedlock children. The eldest son left behind more than 40 sons. The heirs of Genghis Khan's Mongolia, led up to the 1920s, in modern Kazakhstan Chingizids live and work so far. All in all of Asia today has approximately 16 million Temudgin's descendants.

2. August II the Strong

Frederick Augustus I of Saxony, also known as August II the Strong in the 17-18 centuries, was the ruler of Saxony, and for 7 years King of Poland. Among his achievements - the transformation of Dresden in the arts center. August was well educated and really strong physically. For example, he broke a horseshoe with his bare hands. However, as a ruler he was weak and it is better that he left behind - it is 382 children out of wedlock and one legitimate heir.

3. Ramesses the Great

Pharaoh Ramses II, surnamed the Great, reigned in Egypt during record number of years - 66. It was in the 12th century BC. Most of his life dedicated to Ramses wars with neighboring countries and tribes. After signing the first agreement on cease-fire in the history of mankind pharaoh Ramses married a Hittite princess, focused on urban planning and his harem. It is known that Ramesses had 111 sons and 67 daughters, and pharaon digging temples in honor of their wives, construction of which completely ruined the treasury of Egypt - that it was left after the payment of military mercenaries.

4. Ismail ibn Sheriff

The Sultan, who became the prototype of the king of diamonds in a classic deck of playing cards, rules of Morocco in the late 17th century and became famous as the "Warrior King", has created an army of 150,000 black mercenaries and built a fortified capital city of Meknes hands of Christian slaves captured by the Sultan of accountable corsairs in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. After construction, he sold white slaves to their families in Europe at inflated prices. Greedy and bloodthirsty was "king of diamonds." It was Ismail ibn Sheriff who in the legendary French cinema solicited love the beautiful Angelica. In the harem Ibn Sharif came to light 889 children from 500 royal concubines. After the death of Ishmael his sons continued to build Meknes, but soon the fortress city was battered by an earthquake, and the grandson of Sultan Mohammad III moved the capital of Morocco in Marrakech.

5. Abdel-Aziz ibn Saud

King Ibn Saud was the first governor of the state of Saudi Arabia in its present borders. For a long time Saud waged fierce war for the unification of the Arab lands to which came in 1926. After several years on the peninsula have found "black gold" - the oil. And since the Saudis have ceased to be a gang of nomads, and became the richest families of "noble bloods" in the world. 22 wives of Ibn Saud gave him37 sons, which rules plentiful of oil Arabian lands at a time seniority since 1953.

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