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First Date - What To (Not) Do

0:01 it's great like a motherfucker outside
0:04 fun stung TV again pretty for funston TV
0:07 do we know we're gonna be talking about
0:12 things to do and things to not do on the
0:14 first date my golden rule for everything
0:17 is have all your orifices clean I think
0:20 that's a fair rule enjoyed as well yeah
0:22 you don't want to go there with like
0:23 boobies sometimes in the winter time
0:25 really cold outside and many guys they
0:28 have that runny nose thing guys always
0:31 keep your fingernails clean the girls

0:34 that always looking there I don't know
0:35 if I even notice it ugly fingernails are
0:38 disgusting my number one tip is to have
0:40 all the hair removed except your head
0:42 and your eyebrows oh yeah you want full
0:45 brows make sure you wax that unibrow
0:47 don't go anywhere with the unibrow My
0:50 Darling my lucky bath listen Terry on
0:53 that one mustaches on girls armpit hair
0:56 laying hair not cool it's my most
0:59 logical yeah I'm in this dish okay good
1:01 we'll see mr. the breath oh yeah breath
1:04 just do a self check good breath very
1:10 important oh my god first bills are so
1:13 good guys always always smell good does
1:20 it matter what you put on yourself even
1:22 if you don't have money you have put the
1:24 accent it's not like a man just don't
1:26 smell like Bo guys you have to pay for
1:30 the first five days
1:34 120 days five days that's just in my
1:37 opinion girls don't go on a date with a
1:39 guy that doesn't have a car she's such a
1:41 small what yeah just imagine having to
1:44 take the bus to go on a date or you
1:46 having to go pick him up just let us
1:48 know would you get picked up by a girl
1:50 oh my card go on a date really guys
1:57 always at least wear a collar you're not
2:00 a hip-hop star in high school anymore
2:02 what is their going to a park third date
2:07 all right how do girls feel about long
2:10 hair you please I kind of look like a
2:12 hippie you want to look good oh that's
2:16 just trashy this look right here it says
2:19 I'm paying for five days this look says
2:23 I'm a drug dealer but I look like
2:25 freakin tony montana's I am Tony Montana
2:29 hey I thank you to the data I'm a tiger
2:33 keep guys this is not an appropriate um
2:36 look for a date girls don't wear granny
2:39 panties on a date not wear this on a
2:40 date see if you wear this you'll feel
2:42 more confident what if they later and
2:48 you be like girls don't wear bras bras
2:52 are so out rosser so 2014 no don't
2:56 follow that girl you don't want pokies
2:59 on a first date is that poky girls don't
3:05 talk about your cat's updates please
3:07 he's just saying that cuz he's not a cat
3:08 person yesterday my cat leg comes up
3:10 between a minute can I hate my Fox
3:13 that's a really interesting girl so did
3:16 like skinny girl with bad girls turkey
3:18 chicken how would I go eat again hey
3:21 guys don't talk about your professional
3:23 life too much let's go at the same
3:24 interest yeah let them both lawyers in
3:26 the book
3:27 or financial advisors not a job
3:30 interview for guys and girls do not say
3:33 I love you on the first date so I was
3:38 probably the ex-boyfriend do you like
3:43 tits or ass make her laugh laugh laugh
3:45 laugh until she lost her panties off
3:49 boys always always try to go for the
3:53 kiss always just try to have a good so
3:56 ladies don't give up the kiss on the
3:58 first date why you don't wanna be hope I
4:01 love them hoes up the most maybe even me
4:03 and shit when we kick it no mo oh my
4:05 giving tips to the girls just don't do
4:07 it guys are like easy girls- troops guys
4:10 really test you on that they don't want
4:12 easy girls yeah nope you're so pretty I
4:15 don't know I really love dad nope have a
4:18 car Marie will make out in it nope nope
4:21 ok give the hand you know what's the
4:26 ugliest thing ever the girl waiting for
4:28 a kiss face oh my god don't burp the
4:37 farm girls and guys applies to both do
4:40 not burn or fart on a first date or any
4:43 other dates okay just don't do it you
4:45 know me play a couple that park together
4:47 and not together couples that part
4:48 together stay together I thought you to
4:50 get the voices I don't fart a surgeon to
4:52 the bars yeah he does no I don't such a
4:55 baby gross girls don't ever fart doing
4:58 the guy test you and he's all eh it's
5:00 okay no no you just had burritos it's
5:03 fine just let it go we're all humans
5:06 it's a test whatever you do don't for
5:07 just go fart in the bathroom right in

5:09 the bathroom who the hell are like that
5:13 I can't do it man what the hell face
5:24 that's right I can't this guy's if you
5:29 want to be daring push the boundaries a
5:31 bit we're a tight you can get
5:33 way with so many things you can say the
5:35 dumbest shit ever no girl you got a cat
5:38 let me see that pussy earlier yeah cat
5:42 dog look hey if she allows you to do
5:49 this on the first date younger here good
5:52 Oh playa playa does paid in cash that's
5:56 gonna get the girl wit why cash cuz the
5:59 girls subconsciously they're like oh
6:01 this guy has cash my kids later on or
6:03 not gonna be in the streets oh my god I
6:05 went on a date with inside I think he's
6:07 a total drug dealer yeah so much cash on
6:12 him and like with the hell has cash make
6:14 it rain I got a hundred dollars tell us
6:18 when girls say no it really means maybe
6:21 anything goes okay how long do you have
6:25 to wait out in the first day the text a
6:27 girl 30 minutes Susan you're having a
6:30 good time with the girl and you know for
6:32 a fact that you both had a good time why
6:35 not yeah guys don't play game all those
6:36 rule wait three days or when he tanks
6:39 you should wait another day before
6:40 texting even though I'll be like right
6:42 out of the date I had a great time
6:45 exactly thank you for paying for dinner
6:48 can i text you again tomorrow okay is
6:51 there gonna be a second date can i have
6:53 a pic of your panty delete contact why
6:58 you delete me all joking aside don't
7:01 play games listen to my tips give me the
7:08 pain there's no right or wrong answer
7:09 for any of these questions because your
7:11 comments that is what you think she's
7:13 done or should not be done on the first
7:15 date comment below
7:16 and please subscribe I like video
7:18 replies bye guys hi I'm trick hey what
7:22 if I look like this on the first date ok
7:24 for you um you yeah we're how much you
7:29 say what they do we really know

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