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Date Jokes: Amy Snowden

0:01 you guys heard of his painful Vegas
0:03 cause relationships when I go on a date
0:08 I always act like somebody else and I
0:10 still get don't that's really bad cuz
0:14 the fake me was supposed to be the
0:16 matter me and I went on a date the other
0:19 night my dates like so Amy what do you
0:21 like to do and I'm like I don't know
0:23 procrastinate would that be a common
0:27 interests that we share you guys ever
0:32 been so drunk you have a one-night stand
0:33 and you wake up in the morning you look
0:35 next to your like woes that and then you
0:38 look a little across a baniar there's

0:39 two of them anybody
0:50 nobody nobody wants to admit it anybody
0:55 here on the ocean oh you did oh you guys
0:57 did 12 who else just you by yourself
1:05 with two other the guy in a growler but
1:12 Mr his people just found out something
1:14 about girlfriends its mountings again

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Date Jokes: Amy Snowden