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Largest families in history

This ranking will be presented to the six most large families in history, with the number of children less than 19, all of whom were born in the family (large families with many adopted children do not count).

Let's start with the most famous family with many children today - Jim Bob Daggar and his wife, Michelle. In this American family at the moment 19 children. It is noteworthy that all of their children, they are called names that start with the letter J. Jim Bob and Michelle were married July 21, 1984. At first the couple did not seek to large families and Michelle used contraceptives. But then a couple still decided to take her first child, who was born three years after their wedding. At this, Jim Bob and Michelle, and Michelle decided to limit continued to make birth control. But suddenly she suffered a miscarriage. After this incident, his wife is no longer used protection and have decided to trust God as they have children. After this decision, Michelle gave birth about once a year and a half. On the American television show devoted to a large family of "19 Kids and Counting". The father, Jim Bob Daggar engaged in real estate and earns a good idea. In addition, the managers of TV-channel, which leaves the show "19 Kids and Counting", helped the family with the acquisition of the house.

Family Daggar:

There are another famous couple in the history who had 19 children - an English poet and priest, Samuel Wesley (1662-1735) and his wife Susanna Wesley (1669-1742), known as the "Mother of the Methodist Church" - in the course of Protestantism, which requires a consistent, methodical observance of religious precepts. Although she never preached Suzanne and did not write books, but his upbringing has had a huge influence on his two sons, who became the founders of Methodism, and. As Suzanne's husband, then he almost did not take part in the upbringing of children. On the contrary, he once left his family for a year.

Due to the low level of medicine at that time nine out of 19 children of Samuel and Susanna died in infancy.

Samuel and Susanna Wesley:

The American couple, Henry Wilson Croker and his wife, Anna Josephine had 21 children, of whom three died in childhood.

Also, 21 children had a well-known irish brewer Arthur Guinness (1725-1803) and his wife Olivia Whitmore. 10 of their children survived to adulthood, and three of them were brewers and successors of his father, whose name still bears the brand of beer "Guinness".

Arthur Guinness:

In an English couple, Elizabeth and William Greenhill had 39 children: 32 daughters and 7 sons. 39th in a row baby (Greenhill, Thomas) was born in 1669 and became a famous surgeon. Elizabeth Greenhill owns an overall record of human history the number of successful births: all she gave birth 38 times: 37 times in one child and one time - twins. All the children survived after birth. Elizabeth herself said that if it were not for the death of her husband before the birth of 39th child, she may have given birth to two or three children (last child she gave birth to the age of 54 years).

Most large family in the history of the world - the Russian peasant Feodor Vasilyev (1707-1782) and his first wife, whose name not preserved in history, unfortunately. Wife of Feodor Vasilyev entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the most in the history of the mother of many children. During her life she bore 69 children, 16 pairs of twins, 7 triplets and quadruplets 4. In total she gave birth 27 times. Of the 69 children born survived infancy 67. After the death of his first wife he married again, Fyodor Vasilyev and his second wife bore him 18 more children, six twins and two triplets. As a result, Fyodor Vasilyev became the father of 87 children, even though this result does not allow him to be the father of many children the most in history.

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