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The man with the largest number of wives

Recently in Kenya died a well-known polygamist, nicknamed "Danger" Ancentus Akuku was 90 years old. During his life he had married 100 times. The first time it happened in 1939 when Akuku was 19 years old. He subsequently played the wedding several times a year. Unbelievable number of marriages, Ansentus explained his special ability to love women and the ability to satisfy them.

In western Kenya, where he lives the Luo tribe (the third largest ethnic group in the country) polygamy - the ancient and beautiful tradition. The more wives you have, the richer you are, and honorable in the eyes of their neighbors.

He married first time in 1939. He was then 19 years old, he worked as a tailor, he met a girl named Dynah, which became his first wife. But marriage is not given, Akuku met another woman, he made propose to her, then remarry. Then came a third woman.

Most of the men of the tribe Luo stopped at this. But Akuku "Danger" says that he was prevented from staying by genes - his grandfather on the maternal side had married 45 times. Akuku tripled that number by entering into an average of four years of marriage. Marrying a very expensive cost to Kenyans. Tradition requires that the bride's family received a significant purchase - 18-20 heads of cattle. In addition, each wife gave birth Ansentusu Akuku at least one child (up to 4) childs. With regard to children, their exact number does not even know he Akuku. As he himself admitted, it was impossible to track the life of his many relatives and friends. But in 1970 he built with his own money in the city of Kisumu the church and two middle schools that taught only his children. Over time, his children became engineers, policemen and doctors. The eldest son just turned 59 years old.

Perhaps Ancentus "Danger" Akuku is the world record-holder for the number of divorces and separations, in which he had to participate. 85 of his wives were retired for reasons such as inability to cook, excessive jealousy, weakness, laxity, cheating, selfish ambition.

In 1998, he married in 130 th time. Akuku said that was not opposed to conclude another marriage, but is afraid of AIDS. He lost 30 sons and 15 daughters from this terrible disease that has infected 20 percent of adults of Luo. Its longevity is explained Akuku traditional diet and frequent consumption of vegetables.

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The man with the largest number of wives