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The most common surnames of the world

Now we will talk about the most common surnames in the world! I will give you the ratings of most common surnames of some of the world. Enjoy!

1. USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada - Smith.

Smith is an English family name (surname) originating in England. It is the most common surname in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States. This name originated from the word for the profession of a blacksmith. To explain this phenomenon is simple: the most popular profession, without which it could not do since the economy of subsistence farming, which coincides with the period of origin of surnames, was a blacksmith. He was known, respected, he was surrounded by an aura of mystery, even magic, and awarded an honorary nickname - the blacksmith.

2. Germany - Muller.

The German word Muller means "miller" (as a profession). It is the most common family surname in Germany and Switzerland, Other forms are "Miller" (mainly Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and "Moller" (Northern and Central Germany and The Netherlands). A miller usually refers to a person who operates a mill, a machine to grind a cereal crop to make flour. "Miller", "Milne" and other variants are common surnames, as are their equivalents in other languages around the world. Of the various family crests that exist, many incorporate milling iconography, such as windmills or watermill wheels. Milling is among the oldest of human occupations.Milling existed in hunter gatherer communities, and later millers were important to the development of agriculture. In a traditional rural society, a miller is often wealthier than ordinary peasants, which can lead to jealousy and to millers being targeted in bread riots at times of famine. Conversely, millers might be in a stronger position vis-a-vis feudal land owners than are ordinary peasants.

3. France - Martin.

With over 230,000 people holding the surname Martin in France, it is the most common French surname. The origins of its frequency can be attributed to Saint Martin of Tours, who was the most popular French saint, but the reason is not clear. Martin was never a common given name (Christian name) in the Middle Ages, like Bernard or Thomas (which were later officialized and became common surnames, nowadays ranking second and third respectively). Onomastics have tried to find other reasons for Martin's popularity, by examining, for example, the repartition of place names, but this explanation also lacks empirical support. It can be a late surname connected with children of orphanages, like Alexandre, which was never a common first name in the Middle Ages but now appears quite frequently as a surname. Martin can represent charity towards orphans.

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