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5 tips for a PERFECT first date

0:08 hey guys
0:10 so for today's video I wanted to do
0:12 something a little different this is
0:13 going to be an advice video obviously as
0:16 you can see from the title and I'm just
0:18 going to give you a few tips on how you
0:19 can ace your first date
0:22 now I know going on a first date can be
0:24 very nerve-racking spending time with
0:26 someone who you've obviously never
0:27 really spent time with it's something
0:29 that's a little more intimate usually a
0:31 first date is one-on-one so you really
0:33 have to come up with some ideas and some
0:35 tips on how to really tie the date

0:37 together and to really impress that
0:39 person because I'm assuming if you are
0:42 going on a date with them you are
0:43 interested in them and you want them to
0:45 be interested in you as well so these
0:47 tips are pretty much common sense but
0:49 just they're a great reminder if you're
0:51 getting ready to go on a first date or
0:52 if you're maybe you're interested in
0:54 asking someone on a first date these are
0:56 just things to keep in mind and I
0:57 promise the date will go smoothie if you
1:00 take this advice into consideration the
1:02 first tip is show up on time whether
1:05 you're a girl or you're a guy you guys
1:07 need to be on time that's the whole part
1:09 of the first date is you want to make a
1:10 good impression being single your time
1:13 is all about you you are on your own
1:15 schedule but to introduce someone new
1:17 into your life you're incorporating
1:19 their schedule into yours as well so
1:22 being on time just shows that you care
1:23 and also that you're just a very
1:25 practical person if you show up late you
1:27 could look like you are a little high
1:29 means maybe it took you too long to get
1:31 ready or it could show that you're
1:33 careless and that you just weren't
1:34 paying attention to the clock you knew
1:36 you had somewhere to be and you didn't
1:38 make it there so being on time is always
1:40 the first step to having the date go
1:42 well number two my team surprising to
1:45 you guys but it's actually talked about
1:46 yourself when you're with someone you
1:48 cut a strike up conversation whether it
1:50 be about your family whether it be about
1:52 school whether it be about your dreams
1:54 your aspirations vacations you want to
1:56 go on you need to constantly have the
1:58 conversation going
1:59 although silence is fine it's sometimes
2:01 you don't want it to reach into the
2:03 awkward silence so just always have
2:05 questions to ask and think of things
2:07 that you want to tell the person as well
2:08 make sure the things you say about
2:10 yourself
2:11 are things that someone will respect and
2:13 actually enjoy hearing basically the
2:14 person you're on a date with doesn't
2:16 want to hear about what you ate for
2:17 lunch yesterday but they definitely do
2:19 want to hear about where you're going in
2:21 life and what your hobbies are
2:22 personally for me if I was on a first
2:24 date I would love to tell them about
2:25 YouTube not because I want to brag about
2:28 it but because it's something I'm proud
2:29 of and something that someone would look
2:32 at and be like wow she takes time she
2:34 really cares about something and she's
2:35 going after her dreams just make sure
2:37 what you say about yourself is genuine I
2:39 know you do want to seem like you're the
2:41 best girl or boy in the world and that's
2:43 why you're on this date with this person
2:44 is because you want them to think that
2:46 too but just don't go into the bragging
2:48 zone try and stay away from bragging
2:50 just be informational and say different
2:52 facts about yourself number three might
2:54 be pretty obvious but because we are in
2:57 a world of technology I think I should
2:59 remind you guys get off your cell phone
3:02 if you are on a first date with
3:04 something it is so rude if you're on a
3:06 date with them but you're talking to
3:08 five other people you're supposed to be
3:09 on a date with that one person not a
3:11 date with your phone as well like your
3:13 phone is the third wheel take them out
3:15 of the situation and you won't have any
3:17 awkwardness your attention needs to be
3:19 on the person in front of you or on side
3:21 of you however you guys are sitting or
3:22 wherever you guys may be make sure your
3:24 attention is on that person you're
3:26 having eye contact with them because if
3:28 you're looking all around the room
3:29 looking down at your phone just looks
3:31 like you're not interested and why did
3:33 you waste this person's time done you
3:34 know number four is let him be a man
3:37 don't be surprised if he offers to open
3:40 the door for you or if he insists on
3:42 paying just accept that that's part of
3:44 the excitement of the first date the guy

3:46 wants to take charge some guys will
3:48 actually get offended if you're too
3:49 aggressive and you're trying to take
3:51 charge it's okay to offer to pay for
3:54 yourself and I totally agree that you
3:55 should on the first date some guys
3:57 actually might not offer to pay so you
4:00 should always be aware that you might
4:02 have to pay for yourself but if he does
4:04 insist on paying accept it and for my
4:06 final tip last but not least lucky
4:08 number five that is don't fake a laugh
4:10 you can always tell when someone's
4:12 personality or their laugh isn't genuine
4:14 personally I can always fake a laugh
4:16 there's been times where I've been in
4:18 awkward situations that I just kind of
4:19 have to laugh about someone's joke but
4:21 don't force it if you're not if you
4:23 don't really find
4:24 joke funny or if you're not really that
4:26 amused just do a quirky little smile you
4:28 don't have to be outrageous and go on
4:30 this whole laughing spiel he'll know
4:31 that you don't think it's funny and
4:33 he'll just think that you're being fake
4:34 to him so I hope you guys enjoyed these
4:36 little tips like they said they're very
4:38 common-sense but there's just something
4:40 that I thought I would remind you guys I
4:41 know that it's summer and usually summer
4:43 has its fling so I definitely want
4:45 everyone to be prepared for their first
4:46 date and I'm telling you if you just
4:48 follow these tips you guys will have
4:49 smooth sailing and you will probably be
4:51 asked on a second date so I guess that's
4:53 it until next time I'll see you guys
4:55 later bye

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