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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Dating Game (1973)

00:03 tonight on the new dating game you'll
00:06 meet Arnold Schwarzenegger the current
00:09 mr. Olympia former mr. universe and mr.
00:12 world and Amanda Jones the lovely young
00:16 lady is this year's Miss USA that's
00:20 tonight ah the new dating game
00:42 well this is the night for titles
00:44 because in Game two
00:46 you have the distinct pleasure of
00:47 welcoming to our stage the current Miss
00:49 USA
00:51 Amanda Joan and in Game one will be
00:53 joined by Arnold Schwarzenegger young
00:55 man who has held the titles of mr. world

00:58 mr. universe and mr. Olympia each
01:00 several times we'll be getting our own
01:03 dating contest started right after this
01:04 important message because there are dogs
01:08 and dust bunnies turn the table and meet
01:11 the three title duties who hope to win a
01:13 date with a world-famous mister so let's
01:16 meet them right now and here are the
01:25 lovely lady number one is a certified
01:28 lifeguard in his studied physical
01:29 therapy she's a native of Miami Beach
01:31 Florida where she was once chosen Miss
01:34 orange juice here is Elena Casey
01:40 ii gorgeous gal is studying accounting
01:42 in college she was her school's
01:44 homecoming princess she loves to ski she
01:46 was born in Norfolk Virginia
01:48 please welcome ka-chow lucky and our
01:53 dazzling damsel is a Playboy bunny now
01:55 in a former Miss Colorado University
01:57 finalist she loves good movies she
02:00 enjoys reading I'd like you to meet
02:01 melody Williams for the lucky he-man and
02:08 gate number one of course to prevent our
02:10 very special gentleman from hearing
02:11 introductions of our ladies we've kept
02:13 him isolated off stage in our soundproof
02:15 room until now and now it's time to meet
02:18 he's been selected mr. World two times
02:22 mr. universe five times mr. Olympia four
02:25 times he's an actuary studying business
02:28 at UCLA and grogs Austria was a great
02:31 place please join me in welcoming to the
02:33 new dating game the current mr. Olympia
02:36 Arnold Schwarzenegger
02:45 well congratulations and all your awards
02:47 you are about to bestow an award on a
02:49 lovely lady there are three gals over
02:51 there Arnold and one of them is going to
02:52 be a date that decision is yours you're
02:54 the sole judge so listen carefully and a
02:56 little later we'll ask you for that
02:58 choice okay all right let's start with a
02:59 Hello bachelorette number one would you
03:01 please say good evening to Arnold hello
03:03 Arnold
03:03 Thank You number two and number three
03:06 all right are you ready to go on please
03:09 have a seat make yourself comfortable
03:11 bachelorettes do your best
03:13 good luck to all of you and here we go
03:16 okay lady number one I am a man and
03:21 you're a woman now where do we go from
03:24 here well um I don't know I like to swim
03:30 let's go to the water first okay and
03:32 then let's go I don't know maybe we
03:36 should go to another planet because
03:37 earth is kind of you know strange and
03:39 I'd like to go to an interesting place
03:41 Venus maybe it supposed to be that
03:44 sounds sexy thank you next the number
03:46 two anywhere you want to go I'm ready to
03:49 follow you anywhere you name the place I
03:52 like to play the leader thank you okay
03:55 lady number three I have only been in
03:57 this country five years and there are
04:00 some expressions I still don't
04:01 understand what does it mean hanky panky
04:08 you understand this playing around
04:11 playing around with once
04:15 we might have to take a little time with
04:18 you we'll explain them in I mean I'm not
04:27 happy you know talk to you for quite a
04:28 while and privacy go ahead to get you to
04:31 understand this may be lady number one
04:41 can tell me that girl number one
04:42 yeah but I have to I have to be um clean
04:46 right this is easy okay Thank You Peggy
04:49 yes you do it's being hanky panky is
04:52 being really sexy and really oh yeah but
04:57 who is it hanky panky is not a person
05:03 definitely not a person the thing you do
05:05 when you're with two people of the
05:07 opposite sex or two people that okay
05:13 thank you
05:20 okay girl number two
05:23 these are my measurements now don't
05:26 freak out
05:28 biceps 22 inches chest 57 waist 33 size
05:34 29 what do we have in common well we
05:43 both have small ways what else um you
05:50 get smaller as you go down
06:03 by the way this is not true
06:12 okay girl number three I like to do I
06:20 like to do pretty things for a woman so
06:23 think of how pretty you are and tell me
06:26 some of the things you would like me to
06:27 do for you welcome back to the dating
07:05 game and Arnold the girls were marvelous
07:07 but only one as always gets the date
07:09 with you now your decision will it be
07:12 Bachelorette number one bachelorette
07:14 number two or bachelorette number three
07:16 which is the lucky lady well it was very
07:20 hard to choose but I would say lady
07:22 number two number two
07:29 to her and it's really reason why did
07:31 you cover well I happened to get done
07:36 very much in voice and her voice was
07:38 very sexy boys ah all right now before
07:40 you meet her let's meet the other sexy
07:42 ladies number one is a certified
07:44 lifeguard she has studied physical
07:46 therapy she's a native of Miami Beach
07:47 Florida she was once they miss miss
07:50 orange juice
07:50 Alana KC Alana come on say hi to Arnold
07:53 if you would please thank you you also
08:00 didn't choose bachelorette number three
08:02 and she is a Playboy bunny in a former
08:04 Miss Colorado University finalist she
08:06 loves good movies loves to read
08:07 Melanie Williams Melanie if you would
08:09 say hi please
08:14 thank you very great definition of
08:17 hanky-panky and you you did choose
08:18 number two and I'd like to tell you
08:20 something about your date
08:21 she's studying accounting in college she
08:23 was her school's homecoming princess so
08:25 she is a Miss - she loves to ski born in
08:28 Norfolk Virginia
08:29 k-o-k come on and say hi I'm certain an
08:39 active fellow like yourself has a great
08:41 appreciation for fine food so we've
08:43 arranged a date for you and Kay that
08:45 will take you dining to one of the
08:46 finest restaurants in famous Beverly
08:49 Hills California yes
08:54 charming restaurant Andres serving
08:56 superb continental cuisine in a
08:58 delightful romantic atmosphere
08:59 recommended for 12 years the holiday
09:01 magazine and speaking of romantic
09:03 atmospheres we thought you also might
09:06 like to spend the rest of your date in
09:08 romantic
09:17 in Hawaii where you find a delightful
09:20 home away from home at the entrance to I
09:22 can't eat I'm speaking at the luxurious
09:23 Ala Moana hotel with the genuine spirit
09:26 of fun and relaxation that has made
09:28 Hawaii famous including a refreshing
09:30 swimming pool and service in the true
09:32 Aloha spirit all at the lovely Ala Moana
09:34 you'll fly to Hawaii Hawaii via Western
09:37 Airlines dc-10 spaceships with Western
09:40 Airlines incomparable Islanders service
09:41 the finest ever to Hawaii west Rodino
09:44 gives you three feet for your two legs

09:46 stretched out comfort all the way can to
09:49 a deer fun here are your very own water
09:51 skis those are for you okay and those
09:53 are for you Arnold from the world
09:55 largest water-ski producers for
09:57 children's the world champion
09:58 competition
09:59 Western would water skis designed and
10:01 used by world and national champion
10:02 Western would makes the finest skis for
10:04 everyone from beginner to winner have a
10:06 great time in Hawaii
10:20 now there's another way you can tell
10:22 your Republican your faith in free
10:25 enterprise faith in the resourcefulness
10:27 of the American people and faith in the
10:29 US economy and to those critics who are
10:33 so pessimistic about our economy I say
10:36 don't be economic girly-man

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