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Interesting and unusual wedding

Very original wedding dress for his beloved Victoria Valentino Italian confectioner Stefan has made. Dress the bride groom decorated cream cake in the amount of 1500 pieces! In order to make dress, the groom took lover to spend two months. Cakes were connected to each other, and then attached to the base of a wedding dress. But the jewelry, a hat and a bouquet of the bride were made from caramelized sugar.

A record number of wedding couples set in Artsakh (Armenia). More then 700 wedding couples simultaneously celebrated the wedding.

Many brides dream of a snow-white veil of air. But have you seen a girl with a cape extending more than two miles away? The bold decision was made by Austrian bride, Eva Hofbauer brought before her fiance in a wedding dress with a veil, which was the length of 2812.55 meters. Her weight was equal to 130 kilograms. This is where the most unusual wedding! More than 800 childrens helped to carry the unusual accessory!

The most expensive wedding in the world, inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records, owned by the current ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In 1981, he combined legal marriage with the princess Salaam. 20,000 visitors, specially built for them a stadium and seven days of celebration, which, they say, is still not enough to the couple personally greeted all of them. During the five days of celebrating one thousand invited guests drank 5000 bottles "Mouton Rothschild". The family of Sheikh spent on the celebration of 44.5 million dollars, which by today's money - about $ 100 million. However, the party and now would not be ruinous - the state of the sheikh is estimated at 14 billion dollars. Despite the fact that it's been almost 30 years, during which time no one has spent more than marrying Sheikh Mohammed.

Russian and the Chilean married in the temple of the Holy Trinity, located in the territory of the Russian Antarctic station Bellingshausen. The pair became the first married couple, get engaged in this temple, which was constructed in February 2004. As guests at the wedding ceremony had been invited executives and employees of the station, as well as members and staff of Frei Base and airfield March.

Agency for organizing events and weddings offers those unusual wedding ceremony. This wedding was held on board the aircraft "Boeing 727 Zero-G", intended for training flights of NASA astronauts. The peculiarity of this ceremony was that the young couple and their guests were in a state of weightlessness. The fact that the plane was rapidly gaining altitude in excess of 10 kilometers, then decreases to a specific path, why are the conditions on board the "disable" the gravity of 20-30 seconds. Such a maneuver the pilots can spend 15 times at an interval of 16 kilometers.

Priest Daniel Winchester performed the ceremony wedding divers Katherine O'Connor and James Oliver on Valentine's Day in the aquarium Ocean Reef Aquarium in London. Winchester held a ceremony on the other side of the glass with the use of posters to hang out with the pair.

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