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I am awoman
FromBoston, United States
Age21 y.o.
Height5'8" - 5'11" (171-180cm)
Body typeAverage
Marital statusSingle
Want childrenYes
EducationBA/BS (4 years college)
I look for aman, 25-74, for activity partner, friendship, marriage, relationship, romance, casual, travel partner, pen pal


More about me:

I am just looking around to see what is out there... friendship or whatever it turns into. I would like to connect with some locals. I am a national Administrative manager for a company headquartered in hawaii. I travel to the corporate offices of fortune 500 companies and obtain contracts to service their national locations. My schedule is M-F 9am-5pm but i do travel some, always home on the weekends though. I love fashion and one day I hope to open a boutique where I can sell some of the pieces I design. I love makeup, clothes, and high heels but also enjoy camping, fishing, road trips, traveling, basketball, darts, a good beer, wine, and boating. I tear things apart and put them back together just to see how they work. I know how to do a complete oil change on my car and I'm not afraid to change my own tire. If something is acting up on my car, the first thing I do is call my dad to narrow down what could be wrong. Afterwards, I either google it or go get the book about my car from the library to see how to fix it. My family means everything to me and I love them more than anything. I was my dad's shadow growing up and consider him as my hero. I have realized that in dating, I look for similar qualities my dad has. A few things on my list to do are going to the gun range, snowboarding, and traveling out of the US. I love Europe and have been looking to backpack through Europe, I think it will be an amazing experience. My really good friends have pretty much moved away to New york, Jacksonville, and Tampa. I try to take trips to see them when I can. My friends would say that I am motherly, happy, a dreamer, a social butterfly, and funny.

About my ideal partner:

Turn on's: 1. Great conversation 2. A guy with fashion sense (not overdoing it though) A guy with a sense of fashion wouldn't come out with pants above his ankle or wear socks with flip flops. I think flip flops, jeans/shorts, and a t-shirt are hot as well as torn jeans with a t-shirt. Not to be rude but if you wore it in the 90's give it to charity. 3. Back massages (I like giving massages, but be happy to do the same in return) 4. A guy that works out and enjoys outdoor activities. (I would rather go away for the weekend on a camping/fishing trip than go to a club or shopping) 5. A man that has conservative beliefs ie. pro-life, welfare- people should become self reliant rather than depending on the gov for money, Gov should not interfere with religion, Right to bare arms baby, Affirmative action- get hired for a job because of your ability not because the need to complete a minority quota. 6. A man of faith... I am not perfect but want someone that can help keep me on the right path. 7. Have dreams, I don't care how left field they are... work towards something. Don't live your dreams through a character on tv. 8. Hopefully you will be able to pay your own bills and not live on credit cards. 9. Be able to tell me when you think I am wrong, don't agree with me all the time (I have been known to be wrong sometimes) 10. Be a teacher.. I don't care what you teach me, but show me something new whether it is a new sport, art, political belief, anything... it is such a turn-on for a guy to show you something new. 11. Be romantic, not by spending money, just a little note every so often. 12. Go fishing, hunting, know how to shoot a gun... that is sooo hot!!!! :) 13. Most importantly, love your family, if an issue arises with your family.. put it before me because eventually if we end up working out...I hope important matters with our family come before your friends. Hopefully you value your family as much as I value mine. Turn off 1a. SHIRTLESS pics on your profile... HA Come on... seriously... You are a tool... Is that all you have to offer is the shirtless pic on your main page... wow!! 2+2= (Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin' there in your ghost manger, just lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors... please put the shirts back on the boys and make them show something of substance and let them realize baby Jesus that they look as if they have no confidence in their personality and all they have is this Photo Shop pic) 1b. Sending food back, complaining about the food, and a bad tipper. 2. Being negative constantly (does that really make you happy?) 3. Moving too fast... don't try to force yourself on me (you will never hear from me again) There are far too many girls you can find on OBT that don't mind that one bit. 4. Texting me constantly if I'm not responding or calling me 50 times in a row if I am not able to pick up the phone. (Seriously, I have friends and a job) 5. Saying you were too busy to call after you said you would (If you really like someone, all the phone lines could be shot but you would find a way to get in touch with the girl) 6. Play the game, GUYS... any girl that goes on dates is completely aware of the games you play it is not a turn on. 7. Jealousy... I was a tomboy growing up and mostly had guy friends... to this day, still have a lot of guy friends. Don't get upset if I hang with them. Most likely it is a friendly game of darts, playing basketball, going to a sporting event, or picking out an outfit for their date. 8. I make up cute phrases and words... try not to steal them.. I know it's hard because I am simply that cool and trendy...but usually it is something a guy would look insane saying if he is straight... so just leave them for me to wow you with.

My interests:

Bowling Cinema/Movies Collecting Computers Cooking/Food Fishing Football Home/Landscaping Meeting new people Pets Shopping Sightseeing Walking

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